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When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl
(2012, running time: 12 min)
When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl - lettering by Jamie B. Wolcott
Not your typical History Channel biography, When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl tells the startling, unuttered truth about America's good gray poet. Starting out as an ordinary nine year old girl, Walt is soon catapulted into the world with her senses ablaze.

Based on a
prose poem by M.C. Biegner, the film mixes drama, dance, puppetry, and oddball humor to portray the world through the eyes of a 'sensitive kid.' Walt awakens to the mysteries and wonder of nature, leaves her home to seek fame and adventure, is plunged into the horror of war, and finally begins to understand the unspoken poetry of childhood.

Adapted, Directed & Edited by Jim Haverkamp
Director of Photography:
Alex Maness
Based on a prose poem by M.C. Biegner

Watch it:

  • Jury's Choice (1st place), Black Maria Film Festival 2012
  • Best in Fest, Magnolia Film Festival 2012
  • Right Stuff Award (Best in Fest), South Texas Underground Film Festival 2012
  • Best Experimental/Animation Film, West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival 2013
  • Most Creative Storytelling, Carrboro Film Festival 2012
  • Honorable Mention–Short Narrative, Athens International Film Festival 2012
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Walt Whitman (Natalie Braun) peers into the heart of existence.

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