Music videos

The Bipeds - Dressful of Dreams

Music, dance, and psychedelic 78 rpm loops mesh with the overripe southern landscape in this hallucinatory video for Durham’s dance and banjo conglomerate, The Bipeds.

Written & Choreographed by
Stacy Wolfson and Curtis Eller

Directed & Edited by
Jim Haverkamp

Videography by
Jim Haverkamp & Alex Maness

Curtis Eller : banjo & lead vocal
Stacy Wolfson: harmony vocal
Jack Fleishman : drums & bass VI
Joseph Dejarnette : bass & psychedelic 78 loops
Recorded & Produced by J
oseph Dejarnette at Studio 808A

Longleaf Film Festival, Raleigh, NC
EnCore Dance on Film Festival, Decatur, GA & Fort Worth, TX

Kamara Thomas – Oh Gallows

A theatre-film presentation of the song "Oh Gallows" from the upcoming Tularosa album by Kamara Thomas.

Kamara Thomas
Videographer/Editor: Jim Haverkamp
Nicola Bullock
Producer-Artist Mirror:
Denise Padilla de Font
Ann Thaden, Denise Padilla de Font
Kamara Thomas & Gordon Hartin
Matt Mitchell
Sarah Dawson, Austin Dixon, Jessica Pagan, Meg Stein, Dale Wolf
Leilani Himmelstein, Matt Shallenberger
Cherokee Moon Hartin

Anders Parker – Unspoken

A glimpse of life on the road with Anders Parker and friends, from the album "There's a Blue Bird in My Heart." Filmed at the historic Highlander Motel, Arlington, Virginia.

Music by Anders Parker
Video + edit by Jim Haverkamp

The Never – Raincloud

A disquieting musical fairy tale, nestled firmly in the surreal art world of printmaker Bill Fick. Originally created to accompany a live performance by Durham, NC band The Never.

Music by The Never
Video + edit by Jim Haverkamp
Dan Partridge, Lionel Mouse, Katja Hill, Sean Murphy

Grand Prize, HearNC Music Video Festival, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Quintron + D-Town Brass

In the shadow of Moog Fest, at the break of dawn, Quintron brought the Weather Warlock. D-Town Brass provided two-fisted backup.

Taped and edited by Jim Haverkamp and Joyce Ventimiglia

Ed Gray – Power of Christ

From Ed Gray's "Campfire Songs of Dr. Moreau" cassette release. Shot in a rose garden in a new town.

Video + edit by Jim Haverkamp